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i talked to my teacher for perl and visual basic about me going to grad school today. he’s really nice and has given me many pointers to fields that might interest me. he said i don’t necessarily have to get a Ph.D in computer science. if i’m interested in human computer interaction, search engines, i should consider going to the business school here in UI, get a Ph.D in MIS because the MIS study here is very technical orietated. he even gave me a research journal to read. he said it’s the journal we in the perl programming class will later discuss but since i am always two steps ahead, he will let me read it now. LOL i don’t know why i give him that impression. yesterday he was teasing me in the class. while he was teaching with his labtop on the overhead, he browsed to a certain place on his hard drive and said “i want to show you something weird. since the beginning of the semester, Ying has sent me a thousand emails and i actually gave her her own folder.” there he showed a folder name “Ying Zhang” with some of the files i sent him. OMG LOL.. i was embarrassed but it was funny. everyone laughed. i guess if i do apply for the business school here and end up working with him, it won’t be too bad XP

12 thoughts on “grad school appointment

  1. sounds great! You should definitely consider grad school specially MIS. My cuz got a PHD in MIS and he is making mucho money. Plus he gets to travel around the world to give lectures. What a lucky bastard. You’re pretty talented and should definitely go for it.

  2. ^_^ great that you’re looking into grad school! I wish you luck! I don’t know why you’re surprised about the way your teacher thinks of you O.o personally i’m a fan of your sites and you do come accross as being very intelligent and what you do and “two steps ahead” ^-^/~

  3. I greatly encourage you to go to grad school!! You’re very intelligent and hard working. πŸ™‚ Yup, yup, that’s my sis!

    ps. Where can i get these LABtops? Everyone has one!

  4. I know it stands for management information systen, and it is a system that helps the deparment manager stay organize and help them with decisions and stuff. I’ll look it up to make sure, πŸ™‚

    1. ah! I made quite a few stupid spelling mistakes in my first comment. πŸ˜‰ Here’s a definition from
      “Short for management information system or management information services, and pronounced as separate letters, MIS refers broadly to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools for organizing, evaluating and efficiently running their departments. In order to provide past, present and prediction information, an MIS can include software that helps in decision making, data resources such as databases, the hardware resources of a system, decision support systems, people management and project management applications, and any computerized processes that enable the department to run efficiently.

      Within companies and large organizations, the department responsible for computer systems is sometimes called the MIS department. Other names for MIS include IS (Information Services) and IT (Information Technology). “

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