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what's up with the fees?

this is really pissing me off. did i ever pay attention or does it seem only starting this year UI started to charge ridiculous fees like:
Computer Fee $94.00
Student Activities Fee $19.50
Student Services Fee $25.50
Student Union Fee $42.50
Building Fee $59.50
Student Health Fees $84.50

the first four are supported by this and the last one is even better. What does my “health fee” pay for?

i don’t use any of these services except computers. what makes them mandatory?! i mean doesn’t it make more sense that if you only pay for health care fees when you GET SICK? wtf….arg

oh yea, this is really gross How many sexual partners have you had? – 11 or more 16% *puke*

13 thoughts on “what's up with the fees?

  1. Dodo, that doesn’t apply just for your college. Mine does that, too. Doesn’t that suck?

    I mean I get rediculous fees added to my tuition as well and on top of that, their amount raise every year. How in the world would those stuff benefit me in anyway? -_-;;;

    I feel your pain!

  2. LOL, the things you get for paying a health fee sound really weird to me. I mean going to a dietist and seeing a counselor?? Oh i have a break now, so let’s go to the Fitness Specialist. Haha, that’s weird. They don’t have those kind of thing at universities in the Netherlands. I think you should refuse to pay and explain to them why. Maybe you can collect autographs from other students? good luck!

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