airport adventure

as you see in my daily grind, I had to take my dad to the airport this morning. my dad told me to arrive at his place by 8am. so i left my house at 7:30am. after we arrived at the airport, the things became more complicated than ever. altho i insisted on parking my car right after he unloaded the luggages, he forced me to leave the car outside unmonitored to help him check in. i don’t know what was the grand idea but Northwest airline recently implemented touch screen check in system. instead of having the assistants serve you directly, they are now to give you a lengthy confusing tutorial on how to use their touch screen. the software was poorly designed and the assistants were plain rude. my dad didn’t want to deal with the whole thing and he demanded me learning the process and do it for him. how many of you know where to find your passport number?

they first asked you for a credit card. well my dad didn’t carry one (why would he anyway since he’s going back to china?!) and so the assistant said touch the two lines of text at the bottom. i did as she told but she gave me a dirty look for touching the wrong spot. as it turned out, there are three different spots on the two lines of tiny texts where you can touch. there was no indications of where to touch tho. it’s like a poorly designed webpage where hyperlines and texts look exactly the same. how the hell was i supposed to know where to touch. after a lengthy form filling process, i obtained his passes. meanwhile they found that both of my dad’s luggages were OVER WEIGHT. they said it will cost 200-300 dollars if we wish to leave them as they were. while my dad was digging through his luggages to take things out, i saw a police man walking toward my car. so i ran to park my car before i got a ticket. thank god i was quick. by the time i returned, my dad was stuffing his carry on bag with some instant coffee bottles. i was like what you need those for? don’t they sell that in Shanghai? he replied: well they are after all american products. LMAO.. the cheapest, nastiest american products are soooooo precious to him. he probably paid about $1 for each of the generic instant coffee. he was close paying a $300 fine for them. GOSH… i really DON’T understand the way he thinks. *falls over* both of his luggages were opened by the earnest looking security workers and were thoroughly checked. LMAO.. i wonder what THEY THINK he’d carry. more cheapo american products i suppose. hahahahah that’s just too funny. after everything was taken care of and he finally went into the passenger waiting room, i was long ready to leave the airport. but of course it must be my unlucky day. only because i took time to take this picture, i missed the 20 minutes free parking and ended up paying $1.50 for a 22 minutes parking. damn damn damn.. on top of all these, i had to drive 20 minutes on the freeway under heavy rain. i was very happy when i got home!

learn about the rest of my day, go see YUMMY DAILY GRIND PHOTOS.

of course i must also plug my tabulas fanlisting!

8 thoughts on “airport adventure

  1. Oo, awesome thing on creating that fanlisting! You really like that much! I joined, but tabulas decided to stop loading for me when I tried to link it. X_x Argh..

  2. hahaha, your father act like all asians, but anyway, won’t those cheapo american made products be actually MADE In CHINA? 😛

  3. heh your father is funny. 🙂

    Anyways…. sis!! I was on the phone when you called and I tried calling your old cell # back but it didnt work. Can you give me your new #? 🙂 Thank u!

  4. ugh, i have had just as bad experience at the dmv…monster of a place. but i actually know where to find the passport number! it’s my job to know! 😉

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