pixeling, doll making seems to be the trend lately. i’ve been obsessed with pixeling myself. esp. after i found out about foody. i’ve been pixeling foody. so far i’ve done
foodyfoody avatar for laurynfooling: foody's girlfriend
tonite i made another foody pixel and incorporated it with my tabulas’s new (sorta) layout. i’m also auctioning a new pixel avatar at dmb. wee.. now if you want to get addicted too.. check out this awesome avatar place, you can also try this korean avatar site (click on avatar on upper right) and even better, if you feel extremely patient, you can even create your very own pixel city!! i’ve created two dolls at pika pika. one for me and one for andy. i’m not showing them yet coz i want andy to make two for both of us too. and i want to see how similiar or dissimiliar they will be *hehe* after all these, my favorite place for doll making is still etang. thus i added a few new dolls here, here and here.

17 thoughts on “pixeling

      1. Oh, it’s down for now until my friend’s new server is up. It should be back in a bout 5 days or so. 🙂 you can link my tabulas account if you want until I get it up. ^__^

  1. im usin the thread script and i was wondering how you break the line between the two threads cause ive tried everything i can think of.
    btw. cute dolls. 😀

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