new b2 hack: auto copy

This hack will allow your b2 to automatically copy the content of your new or edited b2 entry into your computer clipboard. This means if you accidentally close your browser or anything happens to your b2 after you hit the “Blog This!” or “Edit This!” buttons, your lastest entry will be saved in your clipboard. If you simply do a paste to any text editor, you will have the information again.

For tabulas users, you should know this function well at tabulas. I just make it so b2 also has it 🙂 GRAB IT HERE!

17 thoughts on “new b2 hack: auto copy

  1. Yikes! Sorry for not poppy by for the past few days… busy studying for exams 😦
    Would download the hack tomorrow… it is already 12:28am here in Singapore and I am already sleepy… zzzzZZZ


  2. Hello!!!! I loved your site, its very cute…
    Well, I don´t speak english very well cause i am brazilian…
    oh… bye! =)

  3. i meant : when you write OPEN b2-include/b2edit.form.php
    both line (find and replace) are the same….
    so there’s anything to change in this file….?
    anyway it doesn’t seem to workl

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