the drag race!

this is what they were serving during the drag race. it can't get better than this!
So I finally found time to upload some of the pictures from my drag race day last sunday. Although the weather was extremely old, I enjoyed the whole trip. I learned a lot from it. i also learned how to keep my face warm by leaning right into andy’s chest LOL. (yeah it was sooo cold)

highlights of what i’ve learned
* wear ear plugs or you will be deaf
* this is actually one of the biggest final by NHRA. a lot of the awesome races are captured here by online videos.
* the three main types of race during the day was: top fuel, funny car and pro stock
* the top speed i believe i saw that day was 355mph by a top fuel car
* the ground shakes so bad during the top fuel and funny car races, my entire body was trembling uncontrollably
* if there were celebrities i learned and admired that day, they will be john force and Shirley Muldowney. we even got a picture of john force in his shop!
* and no, i didn’t get pork butt.. doh XP

4 thoughts on “the drag race!

  1. You took me off the dailies list!! Tis okay! Sorry i haven’t been available lately. Anyhoo, the racing sounds like oodles of fun.

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