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yummy ham balls!!

we had a wonderful dinner at andy’s mom’s tonite. elizabeth (andy bro’s fiancee)’s mom came to iowa city to make arrangements for elizabeth and matthias’ wedding a year from today. last nite we had dinner with andy’s dad’s family. today we were over at his mom’s. and his mom made my very favorite: ham balls. omg they are soooo yummy. i had SIX of them. she gave us all the left overs too. like 15 of them *faint* i’m gonna die in ham ball heaven!!

check out a couple of the pictures i took

24 thoughts on “yummy ham balls!!

  1. YUM! The pictures are cute! πŸ™‚ At least you like what she cooks, my mother in law makes this horrid tomato with meat ball sauce… it’s so nasty. I always have to pretend to get full fast! I don’t want to offend her. It seriously tastes like cardboard in a dull tomato sauce… yuck.

  2. I was just glad that I read on and saw the pictures and realized the ham balls were balls made out of ham and not something else that I was thinking **gags and smiles**

  3. In Singapore, there are meat balls, fish balls and sotong balls (cuttlefish balls)… Do many types of “balls” to choose from… :p
    But I have yet to hear of Ham balls…

  4. Eeks, dodo, the ham balls look like they are submerged in blood! So freaky looking, but oh well, we chinese are used to eating freaky food anyway. πŸ˜› Hmm.. when I tell my boyfriend that I ate pig’s blood cubes, I think he was going to freak out!

    1. we eat blood cubes too πŸ™‚ actually my grandma used to kill chicken alive and drain its blood in a bowl. then the blood freezes up. then she cuts them into cubes and fry them up with veggies. i was never too fond of it XP

  5. You know, I never had hamballs before or even heard of them lol. Are they like meatballs, but instead, ham? Daynah said it’s popular… but I’ve not heard of it at all!!!

    1. yea it’s made of ham.. but with sweet taste. i believe it’s mixed with grand cracks or something. i’m not sure yet what’s the red souce made of. i need to get the recipe from andy’s mom. we always forget XP

  6. I’m glad to hear you had a lovely dinner – this website is absolutely delightful! Cute, lovely & personal. I look forward to visiting again.

  7. everytime i place a bg i found of the net on my desk, my whole xp theme turns into ‘classic’. WHY! dodo help! πŸ™‚ i have stylexp

    1. the way i do is go to style xp -> create a new theme. then apply that theme. then go to visual style, choose a style, apply that style to the current theme.. same goes to background. so i don’t really use right click -> properties at the desktop any more. i haven’t had trouble yet.

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