my old teacher's email

OMG, i can not believe it. i just got an email from my teacher in middle school in china. i always loved and respected him. altho he’s only been my teacher for ONE year, he taught me so much. i gained much confidence and maturity in the one year i spent with him. i tried to find his contact info when i went to china two summers ago, but i couldn’t. because he left the middle school i was in the year i left china and then he moved around too often for any of my classmates to track.

i realize he found my email address from my best friend in china (who was also his student). it’s just completely shocking and joyful to get his email. altho he’s my english teacher, he chose to write me in chinese. he called me “little zhang ying” in the email. hehehe.. now i just need to write him letters in chinese in return. uhoh, my poor chinese typing speed. but i have so much to tell him.

3 thoughts on “my old teacher's email

  1. Wow you must have been very close with him in order to make contact again. I only have one teacher that I would possibly talk with now, and that’s only because I had her for 4 years in high school

  2. Wow congratulations 🙂 I always feel so happy when I get in contact with people from my past. He must have been a good teacher, and you must also have been a memorable students. Anyways hope your having a good week 😀

  3. That’s great! Wow typing in Chinese must be hard it’s hard for me to write in Hindi. I love the new skin (sorry if it’s old now I haven’t been here for a while). It’s so cute! I hope I have a teacher that great some day.

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