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refreshing monday

i think it was extremely refreshing for me to see the blue sky and beautiful sunshine and feel the breeze this morning. you have no idea how cold it was last week. today it is more like a reasonable autumn day and it makes me happy ^_^

yesterday i spent 3 hours scrubbing the stove, the kitchen floor, the toliet, the bathtub and the bathroom floor. scrubbing the toliet is definitely the bomb. a little poo stain here and there only added more excitement right? LOL ok i’m gross. but pure physical tasks help to clear things off your mind.

this morning when i woke up, i turned over. i found myself hugging my carebear on the other side of the bed. it seems andy had replaced himself with the carebear again when he left this morning. hehe he’s always so cute. he’s done this before. and when i asked him, he said: well, when your bear is not around, at least you’ve got another bear to hug. it’s just so sweet when i think about it. the other day i was crying about something. so i woke him up at 3am. he didn’t get any more sleep before going to work at 8am. i apologized to him later for keeping him up and he said: well if i am not there for my poopoo, i don’t know what i’m good for. ^_^ life is just so beautiful when you have someone like andy by your side.

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