xmas cards exchange

is anyone interested in christmas cards exchange? i can not promise to get everyone unique cards. i have a few funny card sets i wish to use. it’s just nice to collect cards from different people and see different handwritings and personal messages. so if you think i know you and that you are interested, please drop me a note.

gamefaq said Final Fantasy X-2 is going to be released today. but i called Bestbuy and Wal-mart, it’s not going to be out until this Saturday! ARRRGG!

10 thoughts on “xmas cards exchange

  1. people that reserved FFX-2 will get it on the released date. I’m looking to get myself a copy as well…probably won’t be able to get it till next week..*sigh*

  2. you know what I found out?! from the square enix website Final Fantasy X-2 was really supposed to be released on the 18th!! hey..try Electronics Boutique, Gamestop, or EBX! those stores should have the game right now =D anyway..lovely site, i’ll be sure to try and visit as much as possible! ^__^

  3. Oh, and also, I wanted to add to the e-mail I sent you- I meant you don’t have to worry about gettting me a card, since I don’t know you- but I’m going to scan you a card 🙂

  4. To get rollercoaster tycoon 2 I ha dto go to the store about ten times beforetheyf inally had it and the they ha dit in the warehouse but they wouldn’t sell it to me, becaus eblahblah official release stuff.

    So I went to the store across the street and bought it there then wnet back to the shop to show it.

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