dodo cheng & FFX-2

shellie informed me that my picture in this layout looks a lot like HK actress Dodo Cheng (Zheng Yuling). how amusing! i had no idea Zheng Yuling’s english name is Dodo Cheng and that she used to have bangs too. i loved her hi, cousin (biao jie, ni hao) movie. it was hilarious. she did a great job in her role.

we started FFX-2 last nite. boy isn’t it surprising that X-2 is now the most popular game at gamefaq. altho we didn’t get too far, i have some thoughts about FFX vs. FFX-2. *spoilers*

just like FFX, the beginning theme is a surprise but nothing compared to FFX. FFX’s beginning caught my entire attention while FFX-2 just made me wonder: are they for real? FFX had a central story while X-2 seems much light hearted. it’s for the Gullwings to have fun. so what’s big deal then? i understand some spheres they will find will probably reveal a lot about Paine but then who cares? X-2 has the advantage to attract people because we want to know what happened to the characters in X like wakka, lulu etc. and what’s up with Brother? is he going to be the clown + yuna stalker for X-2 now?

the sphere system is gone in X-2. normal level raising is back. since you only get three people in your party, to allow them to take various forms, they introduced dress spheres. i think that’s a very cute idea. because there are only female characters in this time, you can make them dress up in cute, funny and seductive costumes. andy and i were making fun.. think what happens if AURON was to dress up in that moogle SUIT! *dies* but the moogle suit is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. i’m totally in love with it!

11 thoughts on “dodo cheng & FFX-2

  1. you prolly got further than me. its so cool. altho i dont like the whole deal with the jumping around instead of one straight journey. ya know?

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