my trick to fight spam

i’ve changed my email again 🙂 no longer works, please use this form to get my new updated email. altho constantly changing my email might be a bit of pain for those who like to send me emails, it is the best way i can come up with to fight spams. it’s not simply an email account change, i merely changed my forward. my old forwards to my REAL email account. by using forwards, i’m able to hide my REAL email address. my REAL email account offers this service called “personality” which allows you to REPLY with a fake email address ^_^ i’m totally in love with that feature because now even i reply emails people sent to me via the web email form, i can still hide my REAL email address. this is just a treat! no matter what kind of spam service you use, they can never block all the spams. sometimes they even block emails you need. with a forward, i can simply change it when i start getting too many spams. this is why i changed mine. fortunately i have a back up SPAM GETTING email at yahoo 🙂 i changed my original to forward to my yahoo account which has its vacation message turned on. so now if people send emails to, they will get an auto response message telling them to use my web email form to contact me instead. so i don’t lose important emails sent to my old address. of course i have to on top of some important online accounts i used my old email address such as amazon, paypal, sitepoint etc.

13 thoughts on “my trick to fight spam

  1. back in the day i remember downloading some little aol program that could send emails from any email address (not technically, but have any email address show up as the sender) it probably has nothing to do with this. but.. yeah =D

    it does sound very nifty!

  2. I just have developed a spam filter in my brain, I use pine, which is a textbased mailclient, when I press d a message is marked for deletion and it goes to the next one in the list when I see a good mail I press > to go to the next and that one is saved so every time I check my mail I go like
    d d d d > d d d d >

    then I type x (which means expunge) and all the evils pam is deleted

    I’m way to lazy to try your tricks,though their quite smart 🙂

    1. yes pine is probably the easiest for deleting messages. but not many people use it. i hate when i have to spend 1 minute every time i open my mailbox to FILTER out my good mails. that’s ridiculous.

  3. 😛 it sounds cool. I do receive alot of spam too but I still don’t hide my email, I used to though, as an option for a shorter address not knowing it could help hide my real address. Some companies’ registration forms doesn’t allow free email accounts, so I used forwarded emails as an alternative. These spam? I just delete them, cos they are all filtered to my Junk folder so it makes things easy but not when things pile up 😦 I stop receiving some important mails

  4. There’s also which is a software you can download… I did notice a decrease in spam when I started bouncing their mails, heh.

  5. I have 3 email accounts, I have hotmail for MSN, I have my hello kitty mail that I use online and I have another one (my main one) which is only for friends and I never get spam.

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