busy or by choice?

as you can tell, i’ve not been active online. i do wish to work on several web projects but i don’t have time. or do i? it’s true i’m usually very occupied by school work at school. after i went home, i will cook and then i would want to sleep instead of getting online. wow amazing! i think i’m losing interest dealing with some of my web business. I need a break! I have two final exams on the LAST TWO days of the final week at 7:30am. how VERY LOVELY! 1 day and 1 week of school left. keep breathing..

13 thoughts on “busy or by choice?

  1. I don’t know American class time, but 7:30 Am, is it too early? Shanghainese back you come over them with flying colors!

    1. not many regular classes start at 7:30am in college. but final is a different story. they want to arrange the schedule so no student in the entire university has to take more than 2 per day. they only have one week to work with. so i guess i’m just the unlucky one.

    2. we have classes at like 6:00am here. in my college anyway. community sux. but yeah. good luck on your exams. i already failed all mine.

  2. Ah, I want to come online but lately I don’t seem to find -any- time to do anything. Good luck on your exams, you will do well. Besdies there 8 more days and then it will all be over (for me it’s 20 more days..pffft) the site updating can for the holidays 😛

  3. i’m actually getting to that point. it is frustrating. like you wanna do something, but you either dont have time or your not in the mood and you just sit there staring at the screen. its insane.

  4. Hang in there, Dodo! You can do it! Good luck for all your coming examinations and you’ll be able to enjoy your holidays to the fullest after that! 🙂

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