christmas gifts and cards

christmas is coming.. yesterday we spent our entire day preparing christmas gifts. man i’ve never wrapped so many gifts in one day before. andy’s family is BIG. let’s see we have to prepare gifts for his mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt (1, 2, 3), step grandpa, step grandma, grandma on dad’s side … the list just goes on. we bought some gifts from various stores. i also ordered over $100 of gifts on amazon. i originally intend to use my paypal account. but can you believe amazon doesn’t support paypal payments? i was incredibly pissed when i found that out.

today i sent all my 14 christmas cards. most who exchanged cards with me should get them before christmas. i sent 8 international mails and 6 domestic mails. when i was buying stamps, they gave me two extra 80 cents stamps. now i can send two more christmas cards. i should send one to my grandma in china.

10 thoughts on “christmas gifts and cards

  1. I know Dodo, actually I did the exact same thing this weekend. Wanted to shop via paypal, they dont take it, ended up ordering something anyway, for pretty much the same amount. hehe Great minds think alike. 😀

    I hope you get your card before Christmas too! 😀

  2. Yo! I have already written out your Christmas card :p But I have yet to send it out, though. Can’t find a post office anywhere in my area.. Anyway, I’ll try to make sure that the card reaches you ASAP :p

  3. Wow, What are 2 extra 80 sents stamp? Is it common that Post Office hands out stamps give-away when you buy a certain mount of stamps and post cards in U.S, or something else just by your “luck”.? Anyway, I suppose your grandma in Shanghai must be very happy to recieve her grandkid’s anything showing as much filial piety as she can.

  4. hey dodo! thanks for the card, i just got it this second! it’s really nice, i posted mine on tuesday but you mightn’t get it in time… look at my blog. it’s all my mothers fault!!

  5. have you received mine? i’ve sent it to you ever since i was in indonesia.. hehe.. i’m now in Oklahoma, but don’t worry… my Mom in Indonesia will send your card to me 🙂

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