sweet air of christmas

2003 cards Thank you to all of you who sent me xmas cards!! They are very precious. Eve, the hellokitty card is so cute unfortunately the lazy postman folded the evenlop 😦 It really broken my heart. Sarah!! My card for you got returned. I emailed you for your address but you didn’t reply. So i used your old address from a card i got from you. ecila, you sent the card to my old address – where now andy’s brother lives. Email me for a new addy! Thanks sis for your gift! Yesterday I got a new hellokitty plush from andy’s mom.
my mermaid hk now has company!
Today i got some perl books from my professor. No they are not gifts. They are for me to engulf in over the winter break.
I’m going to write my own blog script in perl just to learn the language. It will be fun πŸ™‚

Finally, my new toy! My dad gave me this 128mb mp3 player. My first! How exciting πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “sweet air of christmas

  1. lol! sorry about the address thingy ^____^;; i was sooo looking for the card you sent me last year, but i couldn’t find the card (until AFTER i sent the cards in the mail O_O;;) :(… boo… but yes, next year i’ll get the address right ^___^

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