themed pop ups

bubs from asked me this question. I thought i’d share the answer.

“How do you get your popups (ie: xchange) to match the current theme? Is it complicated coding or something you wrote yourself?”

This can be done regardless what theme script you are using. Usually your theme/skin script has a cookie variable. In my script, it’s $css, in some other scripts it could be $newskin. For my exchange popup, i made different popupheader.php and popupfooter.php in different theme folders. Then you include the header and footer in the popup page the same way you do for other pages.

For example for my “love” theme, I made
in my themes/love folder

in my x.php
i just put

Then the x.php file will change with different themes.

2 thoughts on “themed pop ups

  1. Thank you so very much! As soon as I get finished cleaning the house 😛 Im gonna give it a shot 😀 Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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