undying class struggle

my experience online is very ironic today. first i got the email from my english teacher in china telling me he wishes to move to a different district. he says “I have a deep-rooted hatred on those so-called leaders as Party members in my school. No class struggle in America, isn’t it? But in China, it’s quite different.” i wished him good luck and just minutes ago some “george_ca” guy left a message on my tabulas tagboard said “Are you anti-China? That’s not good to follow Weijs.” for all the years i’ve been living in america, no one labeled me as anti-anything. as soon as i start to talk chinese policies, wow, someone is already eagerly to give me a label. back a few decades, i will probably be a rightist and doing manual labor by now. wtf?! it just disgusts me when people jump to conclusion just because i question the governmental polices. apparently many mainlanders believe questioning policies = anti-government

only sugar coated words are to be accepted.

i’m born to chinese culture but am greatly shaped by western society and democracy. i see problems in china. what disappoints me even more is merely questioning for changes is deemed is anti – not even by the chinese gov’t but by some regular chinese. i hate to say but right now i feel chinese problems are hopeless. it’s better just not to care. i know this sounds ridiculous but i’ve thought so hard about chinese problems that i lost sleep. yea isn’t it dumb?! *slap slap* i think i will live just fine in a different country not interested in the country i was born just like thousands others who came here as a child.

9 thoughts on “undying class struggle

  1. Sorry for make a wave before Christmas. Take in peace. πŸ™‚
    What I mean anti-China, is that some critical issues, like Tibet, and Taiwan, but not include those just argue government policy. If Wei only argue China’s policy, I shall never think that’s ‘anti-China’. But if Wei think that Tibet or Taiwan also issues need to talk about, all Chinese will treat that as ‘anti-China’. Sorry for couldn’t explain too much in small board and maybe take you feel unconfortable.

  2. Another issue about your class struggle. Yes, it has class struggle between Chinese people, I also wonder why it always have. But I also know there’s also ‘class struggle’ in NA, just another type of style, and weak more in Christian society. I think we could get some change for China society about that, to get community more easy, more convience, and more culture build. The class struggle so hard your teacher got from few believes after the Revolution, its the wrong history, not citizens.

  3. What I just talk about, now the China government, has more and more young guys, include some of my classmates, who have been entered into middle class. The young class won’t show on the board of main government, but they have mastered some power in government, and bring the future of China government.

    1. How can you be so sure? πŸ˜›

      Just because they are new doesnt mean they wont change when they see the amount of money you can gain from corruption. Theres one stereotype that ive always agreed with when it comes to chinese people: they love money.

      Judging from the way china is headed, it doesnt seem like any largescale improvements are coming.

  4. Don’t let anyone’s assumptions get you down, Dodo. It is always better to care than to be some apathetic person. There are many people here who think that buying foreign goods make you an anti-American, but that’s their mindset, their problem. I’m actually very interested in your points about Chinese politics and problems. You have made me think and I am very thankful you have brought up the issues you did. I have also had many sleepless nights thinking about global issues, and I think that has made me a more thoughtful person even though I rarely show it. πŸ˜‰

    Again, thank you, Dodo. πŸ™‚

  5. everyone who says their opinions are labelled (same way youre labelling all chinese people who support their government)… dont know why that is such a surprise to you :p

    ive questioned chinese policies while living in mainland… and ive never been called anti-china. but then again, i always had valid reasons to support my questioning, not just articles from american funded anti-chinese websites.

    or maybe theyre questioning you because you live in the states. racism in china is very very high, and they dont trust outsiders. i have problems like that when i go to china. they might not say it to your face, but its pretty obvious from their actions and the way they look at you.

  6. Merry Christmas to you all!

    First I should thanks for your interests about China. And I must say sorry for I couldn’t explain my opinions in American way, I’m background on Chinese culture.

    I have to declare again, what said ‘anti-china’ is only limited on issues about Chinese territory, the issues of Tibet, Taiwan or others. But not include any “policy questioning”. One true fact is, if in that issues of ‘anti-china’, almost all of Chinese, include kids, will think its ‘not good’.

    Policy questioning? we question China government everyday, it drive the government to give more benefit for citizens, and some of them ignored, that’s the problem(and I think government in NA is also that way in some period). Who think that as ‘anti-china’? None.

    1. If you are referring to me… i dont need or want you to explain your views ‘the american way’. I dont even know what ‘the american way’ is.

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