amazing coincident

semi sweet: dodo, you are not going to believe this
semi sweet: me and leah bumped into each other at Disney World.
semi sweet: in line for a ride
me: OMG that’s crazy
semi sweet: no intention to meet.
me: how did you recognize each other?
semi sweet: and we didn’t even know that both of us were going to be there.
semi sweet: i recongnized her. and i recongnized her hubby even more, so i asked her what her name was, and i was like OMG
semi sweet: “leah.. this is kat, semisweet!”
me: that’s just crazy
me: where did that happen?
semi sweet: at disney/mgm studios
semi sweet: at the line for Hollywood Tower of Terror! 🙂

apparently two members on my board just met each other in person without planning. they don’t live close to each other either.. they are all on a trip.. how amazing!

16 thoughts on “amazing coincident

  1. Wasn’t that the coolest?! It was so nice meeting Kat. She is just as awesome as I thought she would be and even more funny! It just goes to show that “It’s a small world after all!”

    1. *sings* It’s a small world after all.. it’s a small world after all.. it’s a small world after all.. it’s a small small world!”

      hehe Did you two hang out afterwards?

  2. I can meet Rellie, Jannah and Autumn if I wanted to. Given the fact that Singapore is so small, there won’t be much trouble going around with that…

    I wanna meet Eve! And stalk her too. XD

  3. ^.^ *wants to meet everyone too* heh esp. Rellie. Though mysticasent and i met each other in the language center we chanced upon each other at tpc while I was hanging out with my friends…. ^.^ iS autumn from singapore? *pokes xue* how about distance? She’s a great senior

  4. Good point… I forgot all about Ava. But once she moves over to NJC, I can see her everyday if I want to! XD I believe Autumn is indeed from Singapore.

  5. haha it would have been extremely funny if they met at disney’s magical kingdom in line for the ride Its a Small World, hehe…. gah thats just amazing!!!! 0_0

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