oh pomeranians!

my name is hailey. i’m from here

man i wish i could have gone to this dog walk. look at all the pomeranians! aren’t they pomeranians? man i could die for a dog like that hehe.. this one looks drunk LMAO how many years do i have to wait until i can own one? i’ve read a bit about them but i still have a question. if you own one, do you have to trim its hair a lot? this one is for sale! not that i can buy it or anything.

10 thoughts on “oh pomeranians!

  1. Poms are very cute!! My dad loved Poms so we used to have a lot of them around the house. I don’t think they hair get trimmed a lot though… they look better with thick hair.

  2. Whenever I see cute little puppies, I can’t help but revert back to the gushing ooohh’s and awww’s. The “drunk” one looks a little crazy with that one eye looking like it’s rotating independently of the other. The puppy for sale is adorable!

  3. *gasps* puppiees!! I die of ecstasy each time I see one. I have some experience with hairy dogs ^_- and I say *clears throat* they need a lot of grooming and care :\

  4. Well I own a pomeranian and his name is Sonic he is very spoiled lol but he is a very good watchdog even though hes small ^_^ but he tends to shed alot once in a great while but I manage ^_^ he just needs to be brushed and bathed and hes just like any other dog 🙂

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