20 thoughts on “thong pads

  1. Eh! It gets worse, her ein our stores there are pads (though not for your period, more the days after when you cans till have like a tiny drop of blood leaking) that are black and thongy for when you wear a black thong.

    1. well andy’s my bf and i’m close his family.. his mom just likes getting free stuff and giving us as gift. she probably didn’t think much of it.

  2. Well…imagine it’s summer, it’s hot, you don’t want to wear ‘thick’ pants, so you choose a black, rather tight one, BUT your undies are showing, so…you decide to wear a thong instead, but..your regular pads are not fitting in the thong, and then you get the super special thong pads…and then…tadaaaa! It’s all perfect! I guess…I haven’t tried it *shrugs*

  3. Hmm. I know I heard of those, but I didn’t know they actually had them out on the market. Now that I think of it, I do recall seeing some sort of black pads @ the store. Anywho, if you are gonna wear a thong during that time, just use a tampon… he he

  4. I think they’re fantastic little things! I pretty much live 24-7 in a thong *I’m an ice skater, we hate VPL* and sometimes you just need a panty/thong liner for those non-tampon times. Ya can’t wear a tampon all the time, not safe if your not heavy enough. I think they’re comfy, and I can’t believe I’m discussing this *sweatdrop*

    1. I THINK THESE ARE THE GREATEST THINGS EVER CREATED for todays moder fashion forward woman!!!!!!!!
      I CANNOT use tampons…so these thong maxi’s have been a heaven sent gift to make my once a month trauma more bearable. I some how went from never wearing thongs to only wearing them over the past 5 years…So, these allow me to continue to wear them throughout the month and not have to worry about panti lines. If you wear pads and thongs…I highly suggest you try them.

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