happy birfday to me

me: LOL ok ok i’m getting old…..
me: birfday lovely LOL
daynah: HEHEH
daynah: jerm: hey if u see dodo tell her happy birthday from me! πŸ˜€
daynah: jerm says happy birthday too πŸ™‚
me: okie πŸ™‚ (thanks jerm!)
daynah: all this week is your bday!!!!!!!
me: how does everyone know?
daynah: know what?
me: my bday
daynah: it’s a national holiday:)
me: LOL you are so sweet

stacey asked if i felt excited that there’s only 1 hour to go til my bday. i am not. i didn’t realize it until she mentioned it. andy’s family gave me a surprise bday party last sunday. it’s really sweet how andy got up 7am to help his mom cook and decorating the “party room” LOL it’s nothing fancy but it just made me feel so special. and it makes me feel how lucky i am to have andy in my life! check out all the gifts & a poem he wrote for me. I also got the DVD “Pirates of the Caribbean” from andy’s brother and bath things and a cute kitty plush from his mom πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “happy birfday to me

  1. Have a nice birthday Dodo! You deserve it! Your boyfriends poem and gifts were soo cute and a surprise birthday party! Waaw! I wish I would get a surprise birthday party. I hope you sawmy card at DMB for you and enjoyed it (it’s in the Dodo’s Birthday thread).

  2. Sorry… typo error in the precious one…
    *Zhu ni sheng ri quai le!

    Hope your 22nd year would be filled with much happy happenings as well as good health!

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