7 thoughts on “First U.S.-born panda heading to China

  1. aww….i remeber watching the news when she just arrived to china. -sniff-
    i’ll continue watching the “baby” panda for now…until he, too, moves away.

  2. http://www.sandiegozoo.org/pandas/pandacam/

    not sure if you’ve seen this but its to the live cam on the most recent panda cub to be born at the same zoo as Hua Mei. SUPER cute, I’ve been watching him since last fall and it’s amazing how quickly he has grown. Better yet it was amazing to watch how the mother panda interacted him. some very similar action to that of a human parent; cuddling, petting, and tussling/rough-housing. heh very neat to watch and they even have achieves of old videos.

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