happy valentine’s day

 happy valentine’s day everyone! my life had been focused on my lovely school works. i’ve decided finally that i will try my best to get into the graduate school here. my professor highly encourages me to apply for the MIS PhD program and i will, aiming for the deadline in March, 2005.

here’s a nerdy fact for you. according to my abstract algebra teacher, the current largest prime number discovered is 2^20,996,011-1 with 6,320,430 decimal digits. and some geek actually printed this number and i actually downloaded it. in text format, it’s 6.3mb

8 thoughts on “happy valentine’s day

  1. XD It reminds me of when I printed out 10,000 digits of pi and memorised the first 50…the amount of time some people have on their hands is unbelievable XP

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