Diet K!

for those who still like using Kazaa Media Desktop and absolutely detest the spyware and adwares, you must get the freeware Diet K right now. it is designed specifically for kazaa so it removes all its spyware, adware even the p2p networking (which takes up a huge amount of resource on your cpu) while maintains the functionality of kazaa. other ad removal system like adaware destroys the functionality of kazaa when they uninstall its spy and adware. i just installed Diet K. all my headaches are gone and the searching sped up about 500%. i’m very happy.

17 thoughts on “Diet K!

  1. If you want a filesharer that delivers a lot of obscurities, try SoulSeek.
    Winmx is something I hardly ever use anymore…it takes forever to download a song and if it gets disrupted, it doesn’t seem to recover as well as some of the other programs do.

  2. I deleted Kazaa a loooong time ago, it wasn’t so much the spy ware (I have a really good firewall), but I couldn’t stand the slowness of it. I could just go out and buy what I wanted quicker than it would download, and it’s not as if I am too impatient to wait for a movie that isn’t out yet.

  3. I actually use a program called WinMx… it’s pretty quick. However, I’m on cable internet, so I dont know about dialup 🙂

    Just out of curiousity, have you tried it Dodo? I was wondering if cleaned-up Kazaa was any faster…

    1. ‘were’ any faster, not ‘was’ any faster… sorry for the double post, but I’m an English major… I had to correct my horrendous grammatical error lol

  4. In singapore, kazaa is illegal…I’m so sad…u get fined if u were caught using it. my mom made me delete mine…wahhh

  5. Kazaa Lite works damn well for me… Kazaa worked fine for my old computer, only slowing it down and bunging it up a bit. WinMX is what broke it. Oh, and it has a terrible interface and hardly any decent programs. Also, works slower than K-Lite on a BT Broadband modem here in the UK. It’s quite surprising how many people still use it though, even after Napster shutting down and all the fuss over iTunes and the original Kazaa. Just glad it works for me.

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