slipper kitties

are you guilty of google digging on valentine’s day? LOL i find that funny since i did realize google had its special logo for the v day. i didn’t really LOOK for it; i just did when i was searching for something. it’s amazing to think how often everybody uses google. a graduate student said the word “google” is as popular as “coke” around the world. btw, was your google bar dressed in valentine’s costume yesterday? mine sure did 🙂

google helped me find these cute kitty pictures today.

caption: sorry, we are not your kitty slippers.

caption: all mine! all mine!

caption: yes, let’s cuddle.

caption: how can they think i’m fat.

caption: sleeping.

caption: this is the perfect spot.

caption: shhh, i’m playing hide and seek.

9 thoughts on “slipper kitties

  1. Aww the kitty pigging out reminds me of Garfield! Too bad cats can’t eat with their hands lol.

    I never really noticed too much about the google title because when I type the ext. com I automatically get fwded to ca version. *grr*

  2. Whoa… what the heck happened to the rest of my last comment? Anyways, I was saying that I hope to get a kitten for my bday. My parents want me to get settled in before a take on a pet 😛

  3. HAha. I only went “Google digging” after seeing that comic on Lele’s journal the other day. Speaking of Google, I hope they don’t make as much of a fuss about the use of their trademark as Adobe Photoshop has.

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