geeky referral spam

i realized today that most of referral spams i’m getting are sent by the hosting service. take a look
that is gross! here’s a more complete list. either theplanet is getting paid for doing this kind of nasty work or someone is seriously abusing their service. either way will be blocked by me. if you use textism referral script, go to your phpmyadmin and open your refer table and type in:

SELECT host, refer FROM `refer` WHERE host like ''

and see what kind of referrals you are getting from them. most of the referrals from them are porn sites. recently i started getting john kerry referral spam from them just like this guy. i plan to write to to find out what’s going on.

8 thoughts on “ referral spam

  1. I haven’t had much referral spam lately (knock on wood) … but I think that I would have to close down my site if I were getting John Kerry referral spam! XP LOL

  2. Here is the contact information from whois (I took just one of the URLs listed)

    request is [STUDIO-8.NET]
    Bostjan Kocan (PSIDN-50522)
    Krnica 2b

    Zgornje Gorje,

    Domain: STUDIO-8.NET
    Status: ACTIVE

    Administrative, Technical Contact:
    Brian Estes (PSI-Handle BK14)

    Record last updated on 01-30-2004 11:18:09 GMT
    Record expires on 01-22-2005 14:27:45 GMT
    Record created on 01-22-2004 14:27:45 GMT
    Database last updated 03-02-2004 13:48:32 GMT

    Domain servers in listed order:

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