10 thoughts on “button plugs

  1. Cool! I saw one of these at Sugarie.Com and I’ve been wanting one for my site ever since. I assume you wrote the script yourself? I REALLY want to learn PHP 😀

  2. It´s awesome Dodo! I love to look at pages I have never been before. Your Hello Kitty button is totally cute btw. Thank you so much for posting something Dodo at FFAF! 🙂

  3. Why do I have this feeling you saw the script at swaymyway.com and decided to write the plugboard script (assuming you wrote the php script yourself). starlet wrote a plugboard script way back in aug 2003 (proof: http://swaymyway.com/index.php?m=200308 ) so uh.. no offense, if you “copied” her idea it won’t hurt to give some credit..

    1. the idea was created long before swaymyway (i never visited that site).. how long have you been online? i first saw it at fake-it.com which is now gone. the idea really is not that much different from tagboard which is now everywhere on the net. who is the original creator? no one can tell.

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