parsing tabulas links page

it’s not exactly regular expression parsing. i just thought since i use tabulas link page function often, i will just show the same links on pure essence. it saves some time. so i wrote a little script to read the tabulas link page and have it added to pure essence link on this page. basically the script just read in this page and slightly parse and format the links. i didn’t spend too much time on it, if you think it might be useful to you, here’s how to use it.

First of all, in order for this script to work for you, you must meet two pre-conditions.
1. You must use self-defined template for your tabulas.
2. You must have “your username’s links” on your links page (in order to do that, make sure there is at least one link in your tabulas link cp that is UNCATEGORIZED)

To see if this script works for you, visit this page, replace “dodozhang21” with your tabulas username and hit enter. Your link page should show up if it meets the two pre-conditions. A few working examples: daynah ecila bunnywunny_ kiwi (Notice their link pages all meet the two pre-conditions)

1. download this zip file
2. unzip it and change the $tabulas_username to your tabulas username
3. upload the script and include it where you want your links show with
<? include_once(“tabulaslinks_.php”); ?>
4. make sure the tabulaslinks_.php is uploaded where you include. i.e. i want to include it in my domain directory, and i upload it in my domain directory.
5. if all went well, the link page on your site should show up just like your tabulas link page only with your site layout instead. remember any changes you make on your tabulas link page then will automatically be reflected on your domain’s link page now 🙂

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