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another shocking policy set up by the chinese. i just read on hailey’s blog that her school is banning all students from owning computers in their dorms. i just don’t get what is the point of that. esp. for college students, how they should treat their academic studies is their own damn business. the school treats them as if they are three year olds who can’t make mature decisions between playing games and doing homework. i always view the internet as a window of getting in touch with the world. you can meet more interesting people and learn cooler stuff from the internet than in real life. i just finished writing my personal statement for my graduate school application. i wanted to enhance the internet and human interaction with my graduate studies. and this policy makes me wonder if the people running the school really understands what today’s world is about. absolutely shocking.

6 thoughts on “shocking policy

  1. It’s silly how some rules just don’t do anything useful but actually cause problems. But what if someone had been misusing it? That could be a reason. Or maybe I’m being too kind and there is no real reason.

  2. Wow..Banning computers in colleges? Wow..Usually colleges even want their students to have computers, but this? I’ve never heard of that before. That’s..not right.

  3. wtf-that is so stupid. they shouldn’t ban computers from students dorms. you need them for homework and stuff. anyway, people in college are adults, and pay money for their dorm. they pay for the computer. why should the stupidy university care?

  4. I think that’s ridiculous. The staff at that university should be banned from using computers and see how well they get along without em.

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