pineapple beer

this is interesting. pineapple beer. they say it only contains .6-2.5 percent alcohol and 1.5-2.5 percent fruit juice. i detest beer in general. a local restaurant offers strawberry chocolate beer. i tried a zip when andy ordered it. it tasted like normal beer to me; andy kept saying it tasted like strawberry and chocolate.

the pineapple beer tho has much less alcohol. maybe it will taste more like fruit juice. apparently some people love it, others think it tastes like someone pissed in your fruit juice. LMAO.

10 thoughts on “pineapple beer

  1. beer is gross… why not just go have a wine cooler if you want fruity alcohol… i would think that it would taste like fruity pee too lol

  2. 🙂 i hate beer, either. i’ve read this story about the teacher (wc and so on..) and i just wanted to say, that in germany these two letters are well known, cause we’re using it every time we want to say to another person that we want to have a pee ^^ (and i KNOW that you’re using this word in rather the same situation)

  3. Yeah, beer definitely does not taste good. If people want fruity alcohol, I think a wine cooler or a maragarita would taste much better than a beer.

  4. yep. beer is definitly not the best tasting alcohol in the wrold but it’ll get you drunk! lol – not to mention give u a beer belly! lol. but fruit beer sounds pretty interesting. hmmmm…

  5. Whatever Man!!! BEER RULZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! Darn sissy Pineapples, they don’t know what they’re good for!!!! Windows XP forever!!!! W00t

  6. hey, ive been looking all over for pineapple beer ever since i had it in China last year. Its really good, it tastes like pineapple soda, but it will get you drunk, provided you drink like 10 bottles of it in quick succession.

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