congratulations ANDY!

my boyfriend andy had won the GOLD MEDAL at IOWA STATE VICA COMPETITION for automative service technology.

out of 42 comeptitors from 14 different post secondary institutions, andy made it. i’m extremely proud of him. he will be competing for the national level later in June at Kansas City.

*i will have to scan the gold medal tomorrow. the close up digital photos of it turned out to be horrible XP*

16 thoughts on “congratulations ANDY!

  1. I LOVE your new theme… it’s absolutely GORGEOUS!! Blue + Gray are two of my favorite colors … reminds me of clouds, and I love clouds! 😀 You never cease to impress me…

    Btw – thank you so very much for emailing me back about my script. I haven’t had a chance to read the email yet, but hopefully I will later tonight 🙂

  2. I work for an auto supplier company in Michigan, believe me Andy will be able to get a job here and name his salary and perks, the auto industry is looking for guys like him, GM FORD – will pay top dollar for his talent

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