pompom search

since we already bought a home, we are searching for a white pomeranian. it’s extremely tasking. i couldn’t find many breeders in iowa. the only one in iowa i found with pomeranian puppies doesn’t have the color we want. we want a white or cream colored pomeranian. we don’t really want to pay to have one shipped. it is quite extensive. people charge 300 – over 1000 for those puppies. i’m eyeing one i found on it’s only 4 weeks old now so it will be ready when we finished moving. it’s in kansas. it will be about 7 hours of drive. the good thing is andy’s aunt lives in kansas city so at least we will be able to stay at hers if we want to pick up the puppy. and the puppy has the lowest price i’ve seen, $300. if we buy one from our local petland store, it’s $1000 and they don’t even have a white one. altho they said they could order one for us. but that’s way too expensive.

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