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herky on parade

our school started this herky on parade event to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the historic Kinnick Stadium, home of the University of Iowa’s varsity football program. they placed 75 differently designed Hawkeye mascots Herky on iowa city streets. unfortunately some immature college students are busy vandalizing the newest additions to iowa city streets. what a shame. i personally don’t think they are the best art in the world but at least i appreciate the artists who put them together.

8 thoughts on “herky on parade

  1. So, do you have a favorite Herky? From what I’ve seen, I’m torn between the Rosie the Riveter Herky and the Gargoyle Herky.

    Shame about the vandalism. But I was a little disappointed that for public art they would do something so derivative. I like how, in CR, they have a bunch of decorated “American Gothic” statues. (Okay, there’s another good one, the American Gothawk.”

  2. ahh! the herky figure looks kinda scary.. lol. its all big and it looks angry.

    but anyways, its extremely immature of the students to vandalise public art, well infact to vandalise anything at all

  3. those painted mascots are beggening to be extremely popular in CA, but we have giant bears and moose. There ok looking kinda spooky when i start seeing them all over the place.

  4. I’ve never seen those before in CA, but probably because I sleep so much. ;P

    Uh, yeah I agree. It’s not the best art but vandalizing anything is so rude and disrespectful…:|

    ON ANOTHER NOTE – hey long time no see 🙂

  5. Wow, well, those statues are great, some are hilarious. I’ve never actually seen one here, but I can imagine what it must be like to have them all around the place .. wait actually I can’t 😀 It’s a shame about the vandelizing though.. but it’s tempting heh.

    I just dropped by for a little visit and to say I hope you are doing well 🙂

    Have a good week.

  6. I guess the statues were a neat idea…but it’s too bad that no one could come up with a more productive way to celebrate…I personally would have been ecstatic to see the university plant 75 trees. As far as the vandalism goes, it is a shame…but I guess people also should have realized that EVERYTHING downtown gets vandalized sporadically due to crazy drunken college kids who have no respect for others. :/

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