our puppy bubo

we finally got our puppy after a very long drive. we got home last nite and the puppy is behaving very nicely. he’s a bit confused about using the potty inside but once you take him outside on the grass, he will do his thing instantly. unfortunately we still need to train him to use the potty inside since we will be away most of the day once school starts. we took lots of pictures of the puppy! take a look!
click to see more!click to see more!click to see more!

24 thoughts on “our puppy bubo

  1. Oh My! Normally i’m not that interested in dogs, but this one is such a cutie! Will it grow much bigger, or does it stay small? Congrats with the puppy! And give him a hug from me (^__^).

  2. I’ve never seen such a cute puppy before! and it stays that small? omgosh i need to get one he is so adorable! i just want to jump into the computer screen..haha πŸ™‚

  3. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

    So cute πŸ˜€ I’ve never seen a dog eat cottage cheese before though.. it won’t upset their stomach I hope!

  4. Oh, he’s sooo cute, good luck with the inside potty training, I would be very interested in hearing how that goes. I always wanted to do that with our dog.

  5. awww, so cute! i want to hug him! aww, all fluffy and blue-eyed! hehe. so cute! hope you can fill the site with his pics! hehe, i want a puppy but my mum wont let me but i guess looking at the pictures of your puppy will still make me happy ^_^

  6. TOO CUTE!!! Aw – I just want to hug him!!! ^_^ Those pictures really make you smile! I hope we get to see lots more as he gets older!

  7. bubo is absolutely adorable!!! is this ur first time having a dog? they’re the best companions to have, no matter what they are there for u with their cute little eyes staring back at you (i have 2 of my own, so i kno wat it’s like to instantly fall in luv with them hehe). good luck to you with bubo! bubo, you’re very lucky to have dodo as ur owner, probably spoil u with pretty things hahaha! take care u two~! =)

  8. What a cute puppie! Dogs are great. They’re always there. Our dog, is quite hyper though. She always is ready to play. ^_^
    Our dog had 8 pups today. one died though. oh wells. 😦

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