recent schedule

it seems my recent schedule is like this:
May 13th (tomorrow): my last final, my multicultural graduation dinner
May 15th: andy’s graduation ceremony & party, then continue moving
May 16th: hopefully finish moving
May 17th: summer class starts
May 18 – 21st: lots of finishing up works to do for the house. mowing lawn, killing weeds in the yard etc.
May 21st: Drive to Kansas City, KS. Staying with andy’s aunt. OMG she’s got a baby horse at her ranch. i can’t wait to see it!!
May 22nd: PUPPY PICK UP!!!! then drive back to iowa city

so busy 🙂 but i’m so excited!

7 thoughts on “recent schedule

  1. You’re getting a puppy? No fair! I want one but my mom doesn’t trust me with the responsibility (I gotta give it to her, I’m pretty irresponsible LOL)

    You’re busy but with fun sort of things. I’m busy with school project/finals/tests sort of things. 😦

    Have fun killing weeds!

  2. hehe, dont forget to put up a pic of the puppy after you pick it up. i want to see the cuteness! and you sound real busy, and you even have summer school! your one very busy girl!

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