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altho i can not vote, i can’t help to take interest in the hottest american political issue – 2004 presidential election of course. i always love political debates. after i’ve had 3 weeks of intensive american politics study, i now have a better understanding of american politics than ever. the biggest surprise i learned is how the federal budget looks. bush led the federal deficit of fiscal year of all time high. it’s reaching $500 billion. realize that’s only for one year, the total national debt is actually over $7.1 trillion now. isn’t that lovely?!

take a look at this graph! the net loss under bush administration is $410 billions while clinton had a net gain of $523 billions.

that alone is reason enough to get bush out of the office.

the budget will be a big problem once all the baby boomers hit retirement age. the fact is most of federal budget is spent paying social security and medicare. right now we have 15 working person to support 1 retired, by 2020, this number will decrease to 2. if the system doesn’t change, either the working class will have to pay more tax or the old people will have to get less money. since old people are more likely to vote, you can expect they will not vote to decrease their social security checks. it’s really important for the system to change right now.

i visited both bush and kerry‘s websites. one thing i noticed (unless i overlooked) is that bush doesn’t allow any open discussion on his site. you can not leave comments on his blog entries nor does he have a public forum like on kerry’s site. that’s not very democratic, isn’t it? for a person like me who truly enjoys reading educated debates, WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT on bush’s site.

i’m happy to read many Republicans are leaning toward Kerry. as the history shows, most people still vote according to their party alignment. it’s those who are independent or moderate liberty or conservative are likely to vote fully based on issues and integrity.

i’m not sure how Kerry will turn out. but i’m convinced bush is an incompetent president.

32 thoughts on “bush or kerry

  1. I was discussing the federal budget with someone just yesterday, and I was surprised to learn how much Bush has spent! It’s quite shocking, really.

    I kind of like Bush as a person, but I don’t think he’s the most able President. However, I have no idea who I would vote for!

  2. I do NOT like Kerry. At all. But Bush is starting to annoy me, big time. I personally feel his reelection will depend whether the transfer-of-power in Iraq succeeds. I have reason to believe that it won’t. I mean, introducing democracy to a country that isn’t familiar with it too much…that doesn’t work.

    I’m happy that I can’t vote yet so I don’t have to decide! ^_^

    1. well you are never forced to vote. and US has one of the lowest voter turnout compared to most other democratic countries.

  3. I don’t like Kerry or Bush. I’m having a difficult time deciding which is the lesser of the two evils. I wish there was some way to combine their good traits, scrap their bad ones, and have a great canidate.

    1. I don’t like them either. What one lacks, the other has. Bush is a bit lost, and Kerry is just so…shady? I don’t know how to describe it, but everytime he appears on tv I have to turn it off.

  4. kerry is a lier and should not be trusted with power. Bush started this war her should end it. democrats are blind too se sense, mainly because kerry is a weasel. i mean can he even make it better? No!

  5. I’m don’t even want to imagine what will happen to our country if Kerry is elected… That’s a quite scary thought.

  6. I’m not voting for Kerry because he isn’t stable and solid on the issues. I wonder if he can handle the pressure of the issues he’s dealing with. Would he be able to handle a crisis?

    Also, he’s very liberal/democratic and I’m conservative.

    I’m not saying I’m voting for Bush, but not Kerry. (Though I think I’ll vote for Bush.)

  7. Why can’t you vote Dodo? Age or because you’re not a resident? How old are you by the way? I tried finding out on your sites.

  8. I know who to vote for either. I like neither of them. Personally, I would have perfered Wesley Clark but he didn’t win the democratic nomination. In the end, I think i will probably vote for Kerry, just because I think Buy look like monkey.

  9. Kerry SUCKS big time…

    Even though I can’t vote yet, I would pick Bush…

    he’s a much better man

  10. Kerry is just a crowd pleaser. Bush can handle so much more…Like pressure. I don’t know why the public doesn’t like him too much. Is it because of the war? Hellooo!! We’re liberating people in Iraq…

  11. I would love to see kerry winning as a monkey could be a better president then Bush. However Nader will try to spilt the votes like he did with Al Gore. If he didn’t do that in the first place 600 soliders would be alive.

    1. “If he didn’t do that in the first place 600 soliders would be alive.” WTF? If he didn’t do that, every tall building and landmark in the US would be destroyed by terrorists.

  12. Are you kidding?! After 9/11 any president in his (OR HER) right mind would have went into Afghanistan, which (if the president had half a brain to see that Saddam needed taking out) would have led to Iraq. Come on people, get your heads out of your asses.

    1. At least Bush LOVES his country; unlike Kerry who through his ‘medals’ on the White House lawn… always whining about something. Yeah, and Bush really hid… lol

  13. loving his country by sending moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, and everybody who makes this country great to war serving his purpose? I guess I don’t know what love is. But it doesn’t really matter how I feel about Bush, because I am just going to do my patriotic duty and vote.

    1. I’m glad that Bush loves me enough to stand up to the people who are determined to kill every last American, including myself. I’m also glad that he cares enough about our freedom to send those loyal Americans who choose to serve and protect our freedom to war against those who want to strip us and the rest of the world from that right. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Bush is just a puppet of the oil companies using ‘moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons’ to do his dirty work Blah, blah… show me proof of that and I may believe you. Too bad that’s just a lie concocted by those who just want something to complain about.

  14. well whatever I am not going to keep fighting with bush loving ill informed person. I have better things to do. Love a murdering cowboy
    if you so desire. Let me vote for who I want to.

    1. Whoa, there is no need for name-calling!! LOL I really don’t care who you vote for… I’m just taking up for my candidate, since no one else does these days.

  15. I believe that Bush came into the White House at the most opportune time, with a terror threat right around the corner. Let’s say Gore won the election and 9/11 occurred during his presidency, there is no doubt in my mind that he would let Saddam Hussein remain in power. But of course Saddam Hussein will never be as big of a threat as George Bush is to their purely political agenda. See, that’s where Liberals and the like quickly get sidetracked consumed in numbers and happy faces, the democratic candidates for 2004 may or may not be good men, but when confronted with terrorism they concoct excuses instead of making moral judgements only to invite FURTHER ATTACK. This candidate, Kerry, stands for Clinton, he stands for Carter, for moral relativism, for toleration and hesitation. President Bush is not looking for legal remedy, these acts demand an unqualified response. America is paying dearly for Clinton’s neglect, and I thank God that President Bush has to mental clarity to recognize the act of war that Sept. 11 was and to repair the twelve years of dodging, deception, obstructionism, and defiance that we had to go through. People are dying for this country and all you liberals can think of are numbers and your own well being.

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