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getting cable again?

we haven’t had any sort of cable or antenna systems for more than three years. mediacom is the monopoly for our local cable for a long time. just recently direct TV is hitting this area too. what i hate about cable is you are paying a lot for many channels you really do not care for. but sometimes i do wish to watch news and sport events on TV. i also miss the discovery channel and a few others that i used to enjoy watching. after moving to our new house, we are saving about $100/month in utilities & rent so i’m thinking about the possibility of getting cable. i’ve explored the option of installing an antenna but some hawkeye sports are played on espn2 at times. it seems to defeat the purpose of “having TV” and yet have to go to andy’s brother’s to watch certain shows. i wonder how much do you pay for cable? here, it’s $40/month for the most basic ones.

13 thoughts on “getting cable again?

  1. Well, I’d pay the same as you. Last fall, we cut back to the basic basic, which comes to about $15/month. Nothing over channel 21, but we do get C-Span. And the new Dennis Miller on CNBC. Selling you yet? We miss most: Me – Adult Swim and Powerpuff Girls on the Cartoon Network, Baseball on ESPN; Sharon – CNN/FoxNews/MSNBC and E! True Hollywood Story; Both of us – Jon Stewart.

    Also, the $40 dollars becomes more like $47 after all the taxes and fees are added in. I started budgeting $50/month for cable, and I realized I was going to have less time to watch it in grad school.

      1. Bad memories of poor antenna reception as a kid, I guess. Oh yeah, it’s against condo rules. No dishes either. And, an antenna won’t get us the wonders of C-Span, heh.

  2. I’ll check out my bill for you right now — it just came in the mail. I pay $40 a month as well. I’ll let you in on a little secret – I get HBO/Showtime for free because I flirted with the cable guy LOL Of course, you may not want to do that because Andy might not be too happy about it 😀 hehe

      1. Now that Sex and the City is gone, I don’t think there are any great shows on HBO anymore.. hehe Reruns are on TBS now though.. 😀 😀

  3. I pay about $50 a month for mine – we were grandfathered in when they increased the rates. We’ve got over 100 channels – plus a few movie channels. Honestly, I hardly watch it. It’s more for Andy to watch and since we get our internet through the same company they cut us a deal. 🙂

  4. You know, most of my friends have DirectTV and TiVos. Although these days if you get DSL or cable, you can pretty much download any episodes through BitTorrent.

  5. Hey dodo! well, i have directv and i pay about 60-ish a month. it varies depending on movies that i order or special events. i really luv drectv. 🙂 i hope you end up getting some sort of cable/.dish so you can check out all the good stuff on tv! 🙂 btw, i saw the bubo’s video. he’s sooo kute and gettin’ bigger everyday!

  6. Uh, cable companies are money suckers :p
    The one I have is $46 for the basic service, it usually included about sixty channels, but recently they sent an upgrade notice, so clients would rent this new digital signal reciever or something, and we would get more channels for the same price plus the price of the reciever’s rental, but we haven’t gotten the reciever and we are still paying $46 for about 20 channels that we actually watch from the 60 or 70 that they are in total.
    Rip off :p

  7. My roommate and I pay $90.00 for extended cable (about 60 channels) and for cable internet. it’s a package through our cable monopoly, Bresnan. It’s a fairly good deal thoguh, one you get through the installation fees and whatnot.

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