can you reason with her?

ok this person has displayed my pixel “little peach head” on her site without any crediting. she allows others to adopt it too from her site. i’ve kindly asked her to remove it if she doesn’t want to just adopt it. guess what she said? “look lady this is a small insucifnigent site only my friends vist cuz they bored ok why not put a lilt joy into it huh?”

so apparently if you don’t make much money with your business, laws don’t apply to you.

can you reason with her? i’ve reported to her host. hopefully they will do something.

24 thoughts on “can you reason with her?

    1. i’m glad it worked out for you. i hoped for the same thing here. most people respond if you kindly tell them they are using your work. certainly not “this lady”!

  1. That’s terrible! I just read the conversation on the tagboard at that person’s site and I see what you mean. That person had no right to put up those for adoption! Not to mention all those other items that person stole. I think you made a wise choice to talk to the persons host. Unfortunately that person was hosted on freewebs.. I don’t believe that service has very good maintanance. I wish you well on this one.

  2. Whoa – that is crazy. Some kids just don’t know better or they didn’t mean any harm. However it’s obvious she could care less. I say you threaten her with some legal terms and give her a scare.

  3. ouch, are there really sites out there like that? I couldn’t even understand what she was saying, her spelling was so bad. x.x Hopefully this issue will get resolved!

  4. Waw, that’s really awful. She doesn’t seem like the most respectable person though, does she? I guess that means she’s stolen pretty much everything else on her site too. What a shame, it won’t do her any good! >-

  5. Did anyone else get a headache trying to read her terrible typing? People like that really bug me! Silly little 12 year olds.

  6. =| Bahhh what an ugly site design that lady has, i assume dodo’s peach shall contrast it’s surroundings u-u;;; Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like she’s going to do anything about it. I hope her host does do something about it.

  7. Sad.. I “stupidly” did that once too. But when the owner talked to me, I apologized like a mad man, and got rid of it right away.

    Apparently she isn’t doing anything about it as of yet. =(

  8. I hope I wasn’t that annoying when I was 12… grr

    Shannon: this site is colsing down never to open again becuase meeeee is being disrepecfull (probabaly an american )

    Apparently, she doesn’t have any respect for Americans! 😛

  9. Why are people so rude? Not to mention ignorant? I’ll never understand it. I’m sorry this has happened and I’m crossing my fingers that she wises up and takes your pixel down. Some folks just don’t get it, I suppose. OY.


  10. awww, that sucks. everyone here is behind you and im sure everyone will report her and spread the word! you should put her on a wall of shame too. and really her site really is insignificant (that is if she was trying to say that but spelt it wrong?) anyways hopefully her host will do something about it

  11. LMAO “look lady”. Hehehe… Some ppl are so funny! XD How did you manage to find her site? Has her host responded at all?

  12. Isn’t it annoying It may seem like nothing to her, but I know it takes a while to make pixels… so it is your had work taken for granted. 😦

  13. “insucifnigent” rofl…

    look lady, putting a “lilt joy” into is it “insucifnigent”

    I’m sorry about this – people don’t really want to see my pixels in the first place. 😉 I hope it gets sorted out.

  14. hi! i went and made a comment in her guestbook and i think it might be over. Good luck dodo. Im behind u 100 percent

  15. That sucks! Have you been through her site? She’s 12 years old! Most likely doesn’t know better, but that still doesn’t make it right.
    Doesn’t like school.. judging from her grammer and spelling it’s a wonder! ;p

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