the drama goes on

continued from here (still hasn’t taken my work off her site. no response from the webhost – *big surprise*)
whoever impersonated me posting on her doddle board. i do not appreciate how you impersonated me but i find what you pointed out very interesting. apparently this girl gave very good web tips

The number 1 main rule about content is that you NEVER EVER steal content from another site and call it your own. Not knowing how to make your own stuff is NOT an excuse. Learn how to. Read a tutorial or two, look up a guide on a search engine, do something to educate yourself so you can make your own content. That’s how we all learned, and so can you. In addition to that, you don’t redistribute other people’s things on your own site. I know that any webmaster out there would agree with me on that one. If you do take from other people, you will probably end up on their Wall Of Shame or other “bad people” list and other people will see you as disresectful and rude. It’s ok if you take something from someone else’s web site, upload it onto your own web space, and put a link back to them so you’re not claiming it as your own. The exceptions to that rule are if the webmaster/mistress has his or her own rule that says you can’t do that, and the other one is that you can’t redistribute content and then say you got it from a certain site. However, if the owner of the web site tells you it is ok, you can. Just remember that since it is THEIR site, you have to abide by THEIR rules. 🙂

well said! except you aren’t doing it even after i TOLD YOU TO TAKE OFF MY WORK ON YOUR SITE.

smart huh? wonder if she took this tip off someone else’s site too. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

btw, here’s freewebs info. maybe if we all write to them, they will respond.
FreeWebs Corporation
Haroon Mokharzada (
Fax: +1.8775986687
P.O. Box 3445
Silver Spring, MD 20901-3445

15 thoughts on “the drama goes on

  1. I sent her an email pointing out your rules on your adoptables – she hasn’t responded. Big surprise. I hope this is resolved soon

  2. I’ve had copyright infrigment issues with someone hosted on Freewebs before. I notified them about it, but up until this day, they still haven’t done anything in response to my request. None at all. I hope you have better luck than me, and can “threaten” her into removing your works somehow…

  3. Well, you can’t really tell her to take her own advice, because I wouldn’t be surprised if she stole those “website tips” from another site… the tips are written with good grammar & spelling, where as the rest of her site… 😉

    I hope all of the bad feedback she’s getting will make her cry or something, haha. I’m mean.

  4. Haha, I live in Silver Spring! In that zip code, in fact. I could stalk his P.O. Box and yell, “Suspend that account, biotch!” 😛

  5. one of **her** tips say not to put music on your page, and yet she’s got an annoying Britney song playing in her site :p

    I will try emailing her…

  6. YAY her site is gone forever! hehehe… unless she decided to make another site and make the same mistake agin o.0 but we’ll soon track her down hehe. anyways glad that you’re lil peach head is safe again!

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