weird morning

this is a weird morning. i woke up today. bubo was not sleeping with me and instead he was outside sleeping in his bed. well that’s not too weird maybe he had enough my tossing around. i spotted myself in the mirror while i was brushing my teeth and saw my hair was parted naturally like this:
my hair
oh my. i couldn’t do that even if i tried LOL

then i went washed the dishes and got the crockpot going. i took the stuff out of the “banquet – crockpot classics” and was amused.
crockpot bag
this is the bag.
crockpot content
this is the content.

i understand the photo on the bag generally don’t look like what’s inside. but for “stronganoff with beef and noodles”, are we supposed to have onions, green pepper and mushroom? hrm must changed their recipe a little bit. hey whatever, veggy is good for you. i’m curious how it’s gonna turn out 🙂

7 thoughts on “weird morning

  1. packaging is always very deceiving…they never seem to look like or taste like they were being advertised 😛 home cook food the best!!

  2. like how ur hair parted itself, he he. mine always parts itself directly down the middle. if i try to part it any other way, it gets mad and goes back to the way it was…
    what da? hmm, I guess onions were cheaper than noodles?

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