get user's resolution with PHP

i learned something new today about PHP. it’s the $GLOBAL vars that can be seen by all included php files. of course most of the webhosts have register_globals = On so you don’t have to worry about it from the beginning. this articles explains why it’s better.

but that’s only a side track. I spent most of the last two hours playing with this script. fixed a bug and added a functionality. read more about it and learn how to use my user resolution PHP script here. i did that because i needed it when i was hacking DMB to add “You must follow forum rules” for the quick reply ^_^

3 thoughts on “get user's resolution with PHP

  1. Hey…nice site!

    I love the green and the simplicity of the layout.

    PHP…I am teaching myself that but these online tutorials don’t make sense, since they stop halfway and lead me to another link reference. I might buy a book, or something.

    Anhow, your site rocks (cliche* haha)…have fun!

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