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not done

pure essence is far from done. but i don’t really want to keep it inaccessible so here it is. at least the front page is validated xhtml 1.0 strict. i haven’t even started the rest of the site yet. most of the time was dedicated converting b2 to wp, installing hacks and thinking about how i can make the themes better. i added various functions to enhance future theme adding. here’s one to share. it basically gives you a little more control over your links. not necessarily useful for everyone but definitely handy if you have themes ^_^

btw for those who have been using wp. remember my special read more hack for b2? has someone written one for wp yet? i didn’t find one. i might need to do it myself. i’m not sure i can make it validate xhtml strict tho 😦 we will see. i certainly love that hack.

11 thoughts on “not done

  1. it’s good to see you’re somewhat back πŸ™‚

    and oh yea, your read more hack! i loved that one too πŸ™‚
    can’t wait until you get your whole site back up x)) but didn’t you say awhile back you wouldn’t be too much online stuff, due to studying for GRE? (or some enterance test?) hehe

        1. no it’s not working. i’ve got some weird cookie errors. i’m trying to write the multi-more hack myself and it seems every time i try to add filter to the_content, it gives me header errors. the exact same errors i got when i used that plugin from scripty. however, this plugin works for me but it’s still not exactly what i want.

  2. If i my ask, what’s the difference between XHTML strict & transitional? My blog is validated as valid xhtml transitional.

    o and also, if u have WP1.2 the readmore option is already built-in.
    just use the tags in ur post.

  3. I’ve resisted converting over to WP mostly because of all the awesome hacks you wrote for b2… I don’t want to give them up yet!

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