first day teaching

i woke up at 1am and never fell asleep last nite so i went to school with my eyes closed. but i did have enough excitement and energy to keep myself awake during the section. it went very smoothly. the toughest part is to figure out how to prounce all those weird last names during the roll taking. it’s inevitable to misprounce people’s names. somewhat embarrasing for me but if they have a unique name, it’s probably not their first time to hear it misprounced.

i even get to substitute for another TA the FIRST DAY of teaching. GO ME XP

i have another section tomorrow at 8:30am. it will be the same old thing but at least i have more experience now. i keep forgetting to mention some minor details coz we have a lot to cover on the first day.

oh yeah when i’m finally done today, i was so tired that i almost fell asleep on the bus. so when the bus arrived at my stop, i just sat and stared at the door. finally i jumped up and realized i had to get off. the driver closed the door right when i was half way through the door. so my backpack got jammed in the door. the driver was ready to drive off until someone yelled for me to have the door opened again. what a dork i am @_@ hopefully that will not happen tomorrow.

tomorrow is bubo’s 5 months BIRTHDAY. my little puppy is about 6.5lb now. WOW compared to 2.1lb when we first got him, he’s a monster now. that poopie is obessed with licking my nose and chewing my hair. is every pet obsessed with HAIR? andy’s cat (now his bro’s) was just like that. once they get a hold of hair, they will be in hair heaven and never want to separate themselves from it.

10 thoughts on “first day teaching

  1. good to hear that your first day went well ^___^ heeh yes yes, names can be very tricky

    and lol mmmmm dodo hair….. mmmmmmmm… x)

  2. Ha, my guinea pig Coco loves to chew on my hair! I’m glad you had a good day 😉 Your backpack accident sounds like something I would do O_o hehe

  3. That’s dangerous. How can the driver be that careless!
    I always fall asleep in the bus when I’m tired. Somehow I always awake right a few metres before my bus stop. hehe

  4. Aww! Congrats Bubo for turning the big 5 months today. Lol! It’s amazing how fast time passes by. My puppy just turned 8 months on the 18th! Lol. Well, it was great to hear about ur first day teacher. i’m glad u made it ok.

  5. I have a Chinese last name, so people always mispronounce it on their first try. Hehe. (And second, and third, and forth…) But I feel bad for you. Don’t worry, almost everyone has his/her last name mispronounced at least once every year. They wouldn’t mind. 🙂

  6. Hehe, I couldn’t sleep before my first day of school, either. xd And yay for Bubo! Happy Birthday little boy. 😀 My dog isn’t too interested in hair… course, she’s not interested in much of anything, haha. 😀 My other doggie used to try to attack my hair all the time, though. 😀

  7. My guinea pig loved to just nestle in my hair, she never chewed it, she just liked being in it. My brother’s snake likes to get tangled in hair. Also, I’m getting a puppy soon, and I have to choose from two of them (because I want a girl, and only 2 of 10 are girls…). One likes to chase and chew my hair a lot, and the other doesn’t really care, but will chew on it sometimes. Cats seem to like hair too, because I guess its like string or something.

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