bubo lost his tooth

bubo lost his first tooth (as far as we know) last night. it worried us at first. then i thought it’s probably just like humans, puppies lose their baby teeth to be replaced by adult teeth. so i look it up online and it is true. comes to think of it, bubo really has strong teeth. one of his small bites was sufficient to make his daddy’s ear bleed profusely. we are trying hard to train him not to bite. but teething puppies love to chew because of the irritation of their gum. i was searching for some tips on how to train puppy not to bite. this caught my attention. we’ve already been doing most of its suggestions but i did not know this:

Puppies use the “arp” with each other to tell each other “enough, you’re chewing too hard.” It is very effective to teach pups in their own language. If you watch puppies at play, you will hear that sound often. It is more effective than a verbal command such as “no” that pups do not yet understand. The “arp” sound is also effective for adult dogs.


11 thoughts on “bubo lost his tooth

      1. oh yea ecila, could you do me a favor? would please enter your REAL email address when you post comments. coz my script tries to send you email reminders when there are replies to your comments and i keep getting email failures since your email address is not right.

        1. yeaa, it still doesn’t work for me, and i have no idea why :(:(:(

          and lol x)) hehe okay dodo, sorry about that ^___^;;

  1. that brought back good memories of my dad’s siberian huskies. i remember them being so tiny and teething on the carpets and we kept finding teeth everywhere. we kept playing jokes on each other like .. i put some of the teeth in my mom’s coinpurse and when she found them she freaked out. she got even by putting the teeth in my bed that night. :p the jokes finally ended when i dropped one in my dad’s beer and he swallowed it hahaha. well *i* thought it was funny.

  2. yup, i remember when princess lost her baby teeth. i think she swallowed a couple though i’m not sure how she did dat…
    i didn’t know about the arp thing when she was little, but when she chewed on me i would make noises to let her know she was hurting me, so then she would go and chew on my daddy instead 😛

  3. lol how cute. when my dog lost his first teeth, for some reason it was in my ear lol my sister kept her teeth in a lil baggy. and my doggie goes to pee/poo in the bathroom (on a towel) =P

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