another ying zhang?

it’s so unbelievable. even in a city as small as iowa city, i can run into drama with another GUY who has the same name as i do.
i got a message this morning from our electric company saying they have some problems with my e-bill account. i set up an e-bill account hoping to pay the electric bill online with the company. our electric bill is under andy’s name and apparently i signed up with my name AND there is ANOTHER YING ZHANG who recently moved into iowa city uses the same electric company as ours. so the ppl there are confused as which account i want the e-bill to be associated with. they asked if i was the other Ying Zhang even tho they said they talked to HIM earlier in the month. well i assured them i’m the girl Ying Zhang and do not live where the guy Ying Zhang lives and have them associate the account with andy’s name.


14 thoughts on “another ying zhang?

  1. Oh dear. heh You know, “Dana” is also a male name? But luckily, I haven’t found a male person with my exact name yet. hehe But I do know a few girls with my exact name. 😦

  2. LOL I’ve met plenty of other ‘Sidneys’… many of them being male! I’ve never met anyone with my same first and last name, though. It’s a small world I guess! πŸ˜‰

  3. wow….. first, and last name xDD hahah that’s pretty…. hmmm…. opportunities for mix-ups xD lol
    but oh well, hopfully everything will be straigten out ^____^

    it’ll be odd if you past him on the street o_O; lol

  4. oh dear…i always thought english names that are very common get caught in this situation but never have i heard of this happening to a chinese name, since there’s so many chinese characters!! πŸ˜‰ so far i’ve never met anyone with my chinese name, “mei fong” before πŸ™‚

  5. That’s too odd! I’m pretty sure I shall never come across a girl with my name though. If I do…then her parents had serious problems. πŸ˜›

  6. I’ve met another girls named Maria Fernanda before, but none of them had the “Maria” written with “Y” like mine, so I thought I was kinda unique :D, but then the internet search engines made me realize I wasn’t the only one. 😦 I think it’s really strange when you find someone with your name, because we always have the feeling that we “own” that name, and no one else is supposed to have it too! πŸ™‚

  7. Have you tried adding your middle name or at least initial to the account? May be that will help prevent problems in the future. That’s what my mom does. Even though our last name isn’t really that popular, what are the chances of the first and last name also having the same middle name? XD If so, that’s just weird. hahaha In school, there were four “Vivian Wong”s in my grade which was really confusing for one of my teachers.

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