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talking about hometown pride

DAMN Liu Xiang! You make all Chinese esp. Shanghainese overly proud!

Liu Xiang winning

The 21-year-old Chinese stormed to the men’s 110m hurdles gold medal before a capacity crowd of 70,000 at the Olympic Stadium in the 28th Olympic Games here on Friday. He clocked a stunning 12.91 seconds to equal the world record set by Britain’s Collin Jackson in 1993.

8 thoughts on “talking about hometown pride

  1. Hahaha, I saw that today! The look on Liu’s face was just priceless when he crossed that finish line. I was cracking up at his victory dance!

  2. a chinese won the long meter run too. you should be proud, dodo. please keep in touch with me. my aim sn=hi5lipstick or chinablueyes17 ^^

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