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our 4th anniversary

bubo is our little model today. he modeled in his new sweater for us. what an anniversary surprise ^_^ i have been swamped in school since it started, i almost forgot about our anniversary. i guess we did not do anything too special for our anniversay. i didn’t even have time to make a page for it. that does not make it any less special for us. everyday is special for us. we are going to have a short trip to Wolfsboro, New Hampshire for andy’s bro’s wedding from 24-26 this month. that should be a good break for us.

we took bubo to petco in a city nearby on labor day. it must have been the pet day. there were so many dogs in petco, he got totally overwhelmed. we stated for an hour. the funniest moment is when bubo barked at two dogs 5 times his size to show off his toughness. LMAO. bubo acted so weird. he was scared of smaller dogs and was brave meeting larger dogs. i was preplexed. until elizabeth (andy’s bro’s gf) mentioned since bubo got “bullied” by spot, andy’s old cat, he must thought the smaller dogs are cats and was fearful for their slaps.

12 thoughts on “our 4th anniversary

  1. awwww. he’s so cute. when ya’ll gonna get married? me an’ geoff been together fer four yrs and we got married this past MAY! you gotta tell me when so i can be there πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Anniversary! πŸ˜€

    Bubo’s sweater is adorable! Judging my experiences with my boyfriend’s Fox/Jack Russel Terrier, she’ll chase away the big dogs but cower in fear around the small dogs. It’s actually quite amusing when she’s acting so tough but then tucks her tail and runs from a little Shih Tzu LOL Have fun on your trip… I don’t have time for my website right now, either πŸ˜›

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