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1st phone call at work

i just got my own phone at work. and guess what? about 20 minutes after my phone was set up, i got a phone call. the conversation went like this:

lady: hi, i need to vertify past employment
me (totally confused): hrm i was last employed by the Unversity of Iowa as a student employee?
lady: oh no, not you but someone who used to work there.
me: who is this someone?
lady: ____ fill in a random name ____
me: i do not know this person.
lady: well that’s the number she put down.
me: well, i must have gotten her old number.
lady: her employer was ____ fill in another random name _____, does that person still work there?
me: no. let me find you another number to call.
me (looking for the secretary and found that she was not there. then flipping through the ACT phone book and only found the extension for the Human Resources Department. Guessing it begins with 337 and told her) here the HR number is 337-1277.
lady: thank you very much.
me: bye

quite an unexpected first phone call at work. i realize i could have transferred the call but hey that’s the very first time i’ve used the phone. don’t expect me to be so familiar with the whole system.

6 thoughts on “1st phone call at work

  1. i always try my best to avoid answering the phone at work because i never know what to tell people and i usually get tongue tied πŸ˜› hehe

    1. well it is my “personal” phone – a phone that is on my desk. everyone there has their own phone. if it rings and i’m there, i can not ask someone else to answer it for me.

  2. woah what a weird phone call, i try to avoid answering my phone becuase it always either gets me into trouble or its someone i realy dislike lol (^_^)

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