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new family addition

hi everyone, meet Misty. She is Bubo’s new sister. She’s a cream colored pomeranian who is 13 weeks old. We drove an hour and 15 minutes with Bubo today to get her. Bubo and Misty love each other very much as you can see in the photos. Misty has sad eyes. She’s constantly saying please love, kiss and hug me.

click for more photos of bubo and misty

Misty is a football fan! must see video(7.9mb) – watch how Misty dozes off with football comments in the background LOL

19 thoughts on “new family addition

  1. Aww! Another Pom!? Wow Dodo! I want one now! When I grow up, Im getting one just because of you! Its Soooooo CUTE!! 🙂 Im so glad you have a new family Member!

  2. Bubo looks huge next to misty! 😛 Could remember how small he used to be from the first few photos you posted before.
    Anyway, have fun with your new puppy! 😀

  3. Your dogs are beautiful! I remember when I brought home my new dog, grace, Bingo did not take a liking to her right away. But they seem to be getting along, thats good. ;-D

  4. there so cute omg i’m gonna go suck my mommy. cuz the dogs are way sexyer than me. fuck, i need get a life.

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