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I want to be Santa!

the new year’s celebration was very sweet. the captital one bowl was overwhelming. the 14 second touchdown by iowa is just unreal. shortly after the game, misty and bubo put on a show called “I want to be Santa” for us 🙂 (it’s a gif animation file)
i want to be santa

both of the puppies got their sweaters on 🙂
so much food
so much food

i'm hungry
i’m hungry

misty's sweater
grandma got misty’s sweater off a teddybear. how cute!

we love grandma
we love grandma!

football is boring
we are wore out

sleeping funny
in my dream, i’m catching a butterfly!

11 thoughts on “I want to be Santa!

  1. Ahh! My dad was talking about that game this afternoon. I told him I knew someone over the ‘net from Iowa 😉 I love B & M’s sweaters!

  2. Waaahh… Bubo is so cute in that sweater, but Misty is SUPER DUPER KAWAII especially in the last pic where in she tries to “catch a butterfly”… I just would love to snuggle up to them and cuddle them…heehehehe

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